The air cups will fit any brand coilovers, as long as they meet the requirements.
Make sure the dimensions match your coilover, we strongly recommend to measure with a caliper.


• The outer diameter must be less than 99mm.
• The inner diameter must be 61 mm or more.

Coilover shaft
• Measure the thickest part of the coilover shaft.

Available for coilover shaft diameters: 12,5mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 40mm*


Linear springs
The air cup lift system will only fit on linear springs, it will not fit on ''shaped'' springs as shown in the figure. If you have ''shaped'' springs, it's most times possible to install linear springs.

High spring rates
If you're using extreme high spring rates, higher than the original rates that came with your coilovers, then it's possible that you can't use the full 50mm lift from the air cups. Due to the extreme high spring rates, the weight of the car won't compress the springs and damper enough to create a stroke for the air cups to lift. This can be solved by using helper springs.


• The diameter of the air cup is 120 mm.
• The fitting is 17mm.

The air cup is only 20mm thick in the lowest position. Depending on your coilovers and vehicle, the air cups will take up a certain space. In most cases this is 20 to 30mm. If you have enough travel left on your coilovers to lower it, it won't be a problem. If not, you can install shorter springs to compensate this.


The air cup is mounted on the top of the spring and just act like a spacer. When you put pressure on system, the air cup will expand and the car will raise with 50mm. The air cup lift system does not affect the ride quality and performance of your coilovers.

• Max total car weight: 2000 kg / 4400 lbs   (max axle weight: 1300 kg / 2850 lbs)
* Limited for 40mm cups: 1750 kg / 3850 lbs   (max axle weight: 1150 kg / 2500 lbs)
The process of assembly is clearly described in the manual. Click here for an online view of the manual.
An air cup lift system is also known as air cup suspension, an air cup kit or a coilover lift system.